1. danielgreyphotography said: Thanks so much Jasmin. I appreciate the kind words and support. Have a beautiful day my friend.

    hey the pleasure is all mine. i learn so much from all the talented good people here. keep creating and be well!


  2. my first night lights-sunset-clouds-and-moon post.

    honolulu, hawaii.

    © desixlb 2014

  3. an orchid conga line.

    life is good in hawaii.

    © desixlb.tumblr.com

  4. let’s sail away.  to the mediterranean.

    © desixlb 2014

  5. hello september.  

    dive in.

    © desixlb 2014

  6. adiós agosto.

    en el jardín de casa barragán.

    © desixlb 2014

  7. lush.

    © desixlb 2014

  8. coexist.

    waikiki, honolulu, hawaii.

    © desixlb 2014

  9. the sun sets in waikiki.

    © desixlb.tumblr.com

  10. and the dragon fruits are on fire! they are so sweet and succulent. i can’t go back to california dragon fruits. they just don’t stand up to these beauties.

    © desixlb 2014

  11. we’re in celestial tropical fruit paradise. the starfruits are shining very bright in hawaii, ushering in the mid-autumn festival and signaling the fall equinox.

    © desixlb 2014

  12. the radiance above.

    muac, unam, ciudad de méxico, d.f.

    © desixlb 2014

  13. for no edit friday.

    i’m really missing our garden and having some withdrawals. seeing these netted and scarred seascape strawberries somehow makes me feel better.

    also knowing that the critters finally left our strawberry crops alone gives me hope. i’m fantasizing about pots full of dangling sweet strawberries.

    © desixlb 2014

  14. untitled (mandorla), 1988.

    by ellsworth kelly.


    from the “gorgeous” exhibit.

    asian art museum, san francisco.

    © desixlb 2014

  15. send me a leaf, but from a little tree

    that grows no nearer your house

    than half an hour away. for then

    you will have to walk, you will get strong and i

    shall thank you for the pretty leaf.

    - bertolt brecht

    © desixlb 2014