1. the perfect pink.  

    at casa barragan, mexico, d.f.

    architect: luis barragán

    © desixlb 2014

  2. capture the greatness.

    museo nacional de antropología.

    ciudad de méxico, d.f.

    architect: pedro ramírez vásquez.

    © desixlb 2014

  3. these impossibly tall palms seemed to be one with the infinite sky, rustling their fronds, making gentle music.

    then grey clouds gathered, trade winds gained speed, moist air thickened. and the mountains settled down even deeper into the earth.

    © desixlb 2014

  4. foe farm happenings - 7.30.2014

    most of my attention has been on boe farm, but it’s time that foe farm gets the spotlight.  

    - the bharat early grape is approaching its first birthday and is going strong, true to its bhatinda roots; 

    - the chinotto sour orange (citrus myrtofolia) is throwing out tender new leaves, but the fruits are hanging on, ripening slowly;

    - the rangpur lime is going gangbusters - it really likes it here at foe;

    - the berberis thunbergii  is beginning to turn crimson bronzy, signaling the season change;

    - our curry leaf plant seems to finally be settling down; 

    - the crimson scabiosa, from a cutting that d uncle gave to tony uncle then to us, is flourishing;

    - i probably shouldn’t count my peppers before they fully form, but the rocoto pepper has 12 fruits! (look heefy!)

    - the delicate and intoxicatingly fragrant philadelphus continues to flower, although this one is being attacked, transforming it into a pretty lacy thing;

    - the rau ram/vietnamese coriander (persicaria odorata) is responding beautifully after a major haircut; and

    - my first attempt at growing zahir poppies has yielded a few fleeting flowers, but i’m really waiting to harvest the blue seeds.

    finally, it is nice to shoot with my little nikon d40x again.  i got a 50mm camera last month but can’t leave my 35mm baby.

    be well good people!

  5. cabeza colosal san lorenzo 6.  olmec civilization. early preclassic period.

    i was even more moved seeing this olmec head the second time around. its monumentality is spellbinding.  to see this at the museo nacional de antropología in mexico was profound.

    ciudad de méxico, d.f.

    © desixlb 2014


  6. brfphoto said: Thanks for your kind comment on my hydrangea photo!

    you did a great job! i find hydrangeas to be tough subjects. they’re so beautiful but always have me stumped.

  7. © desixlb 2014

  8. roots.

    ficus benghalensis, or the indian banyan.

    ho’omaluhia botanical garden.

    kaneohe, hawaii.

    © desixlb 2014

  9. el techo.

    casa gilardi.  ciudad de mexico, d.f.

    architect:  luis barragan.

    © desixlb 2014

  10. the life between the folds.

    © desixlb 2014

  11. gratitude.  for the buddha is everywhere, and in everyone.

    devil’s gulch ranch.

    nicasio, california.

    © desixlb 2014


  12. fattyfalldown said: Thank you so very much :) Your photography is absolutely stunning! I want to reblog so many pics you've taken. I hope the day finds you well, much love and happiness. -Kate

    hey kate!  so good to finally connect.  :)  you’re much too kind.  keep posting your original photos.  they’re lovely!  

    lots of love and light,


  13. the bee was no match for the deft spider.

    © desixlb 2014


  14. bdesannorat said: Thank you very much!!!

    you are most welcome! really enjoy your street photos and the effects you have achieved. very painterly and dreamy. makes me want to experiment too.

    looking forward to seeing more!

    be well,



  15. brfphoto said: Congratulations on your Lensblr membership!

    thank you so much! hope you had a good break on the cape.

    be well,