1. satyajit ray was a feminist. this booklet cover for mahanagar is a validation. her stance, movement, gaze and the angle with which she is depicted illustrate an empowered woman. i cannot recall a ray film that doesn’t feature strong, intelligent women as main characters.

    mahanagar is one of our favorite films by ray. it is a sumptuous, multi-course meal, presenting flavors and textures that titillate and invigorate. he covers big topics - the employment crisis in india during the 60s, changing role of women as they begin to enter the workforce, the shifting family and social dynamics from women attaining gainful employment, and the waning anglo-indian community of calcutta - with the penetrating insight and lyrical treatment we’ve come to expect of this brilliant man. his powerful graphic designs are new to me. so it was with great curiosity and glee that i dove into this book by jayanta sen. what i wonder is, was there anything that ray didn’t excel at?

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    watched ‘the postmaster’,another profound ray film that is deceptively simple. the music score swells inside the heart....
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