1. one of the best finds in honolulu was the foster community garden, hosted on site at the foster botanic garden near downtown honolulu, a stone’s throw from its chinatown.

    while i was mesmerized by the kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra), the hubby was lost in the garden plots, talking with an elderly chinese lady gardener who was tending to her plot.  i saw the rows of dark green shrubs, and exclaimed “curry leaf plants”!  but it was something else entirely.  the kind lady offered us the tender shoots of this curious plant and we were blown away by its tender texture, sweet and fresh flavors.  

    this lady gardener was full of old world knowledge about plants - their medicinal values, growth habits and folk uses.  she was growing such an exciting variety of vegetables and collecting their seeds.  

    she didn’t have any fancy tools or equipment, just lots of repurposed this-and-thats and a lifetime of accumulated knowledge.  we were inspired by her generosity and curiosity.  gardeners really are the best people. we look forward to a lifetime of growing vegetables, and cultivating our hearts and minds.

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